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7 Reasons to choose SOLD by Friday Team

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I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression, “Two is better than one”, but in this case, five is better than one. By choosing a realtor on the SOLD by Friday team, you are not only getting one person’s support, talent, knowledge and experience, but you are getting a team of five! Combined, our team is made up of listing specialists, buyer’s agents, transaction coordinator, marketing specialist, stager, and sign language interpreter. With our wide variety of talents and experience, our team is fully equipped to make buying or selling your home the most seamless and exceptional experience you have ever had! Here are 7 reasons why choosing the SOLD by Friday team is right for you:

1. 8am TO 8pm – 365 days

Although, you probably do not want to go look at homes at 3 o’clock in the morning, we strive to work around your busy schedule. So, even if the specific agent you are working with on our team is not available when you want to go see homes, we have 3+ more agents within our team that can accommodate your request! We also have a shared phone number that you can contact us so that you are more likely to have an immediate response to your question or concern: 763-445-9760.

2. 26 years of experience!

With our combined 26 total years of experience in Real Estate, we have likely been there, done that. Meaning whether you are looking for new construction, fixer upper, or anything in between, we have worked with buyers and sellers alike with a vast array of real estate needs. For sellers this means that we know what will sell your home and will advise you accordingly.

3. Ultimate Package

Our team is not just a team of Realtors. We are packed full of many talents which means we bring more than just a sale, we provide you with our many skill sets to make your experience a WOW experience. Joel Friday, CEO and listing specialist has over 11 years of experience and knowledge is well equipped to look at your home and determine the value in today’s market to know how to appropriately price your home to have it SOLD by Friday! Patti, Jenny, and Keenan are our buyer’s agents specialize in working with buyers of all sorts to help you find your dream home and understand all the nitty gritty details throughout the process. Sara, our Transaction Coordinator does behind-the-scenes work to oversee all of the paperwork and processes of every transaction the team handles and ensures every step and detail is in perfect order to close smoothly. She also provides staging services for when you are selling your home, so that when buyers are coming through, they can see the best representation of your home as possible. Keenan, our Marketing, Inside Sales Representative and future Realtor, provides his expertise to best market your home via multiple channels of social media and the world wide Last, but not least, Jenny is a Sign Language Interpreter and can provide ASL access to Deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers and interpret meetings throughout. Talk about a range of knowledge this team has!

4. It is not “What You Know” It is “Who You Know.”

You’ve heard the phrase, and likely seen the truth in your life experiences. The more people you know, the more connections you have, the more you gain. In this case we have a network of not only one person’s friends, family, neighbors, classmates, etc., but we have 6 people’s network to find buyers ready to buy your home and sellers ready to sell you your dream home. Just imagine how many people in your life that you come into contact with and times that by 6! Now that is an impact.

5. Open House Advantages

Many times agents have more than one home for sale at a time, but they are only one human and there are only 2 days in the weekend with limited number of hours to host open houses. While agents would love to prioritize each of their client’s and host open house on all 10 listings at once, it is humanly impossible. This is where the SOLD by Friday team comes to your benefit. With 6 people, we are able to host all of our listings open over the weekend while prioritizing all clients.

6. Team that is within a team

The SOLD by Friday team is fortunate enough to work for one of the top brokerages in the nation, Keller Williams (number #1 by agent count)! Keller Williams supports their agents, and find value in each and every customer that they work with. They frequently provide quality education to keep agents up-to-date with market trends, current with laws and regulations, and best prepared to serve YOU! Keller Williams also has equipped their agents with the latest technology to best serve your real estate needs. Our office Keller Williams Classic Realty is the #2 office in the state of Minnesota in number of homes SOLD, trailing only our KW Maple Grove office. With the SOLD by Friday team & the Keller Williams team, you are backed by one strong team.

7. We are your “Dream Team”

The SOLD by Friday team is not only a team, but a family. We work together to provide the most quality service to each and every one of our clients so that you too can not only be a client, but a part of the SOLD by Friday family! We pride ourselves in our mission and vision statement, which is “We do not measure success based on rewards and recognition; we measure our success on the customer relationship that we have built.”

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