Our Team atSOLD by Friday Team

Jenny Friday
Jenny Friday 763-445-9760 952-446-5138 (M)

Jenny is a Sign Language Interpreter ready to serve the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community in the Twin Cities as a...

Keenan Gunderson
Keenan Gunderson 763-445-9760 651-503-8715 (M)

Keenan is the marketing specialist for the SOLD by Friday team. Keenan takes ideas and thoughts and makes them become a...

Joel Friday
Joel Friday 612-868-6287

Joel will deliver the listing, buying, and coordinating experience that is positively incomparable to other agents.

Patricia Friday
Patricia Friday 763-355-2953

Patti is an experiened realtor providing some of the highest class of customer service. Patti uses her "your pace"...