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Thinking About Selling Your Home To Cash Buyers? Think Again

Real estate market data in Andover MN by Joel Friday of Keller Williams Classic Realty

The cash buyer ads are everywhere. We buy ugly homes, cash for your home, quick sale, no realtor fees are all claims I have seen recently. The question is, “will you net more money selling this way?” The below pictured home was in the hands of an estate and one of these companies offer the seller $80,000 cash and a quick closing, no inspection, no commission, and no appraisal. Sounds like a great deal right? WRONG! I did a full market analysis on this home and came up with a value of $150,000. The seller finished the clean out and did a few minor repairs and we listed in October 2016. We had a full price offer and were through inspection in 12 days. Closing costs (seller paid buyer 3%, commission, and seller closing costs) totaled around $14,000. So the estate netted around $135,000, a whopping $55,000 more than the “quick” sale would have produced.

Bottom line is simple here, hiring an experienced agent like myself will always produce the best exposure and competition always drives up the price. Call today to find out your homes true value is at 763-445-9760.

Is ugly cash home buyer the best way to go?

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